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About BestDivers

Welcome to our 5 Star PADI dive centre no. 22854


Diving centre "Bestdivers" is one of the best known diving centre in Warsaw, operating since 1999. Beginning with 2010 as Bestdivers. Here work instructors who have visited Red, Adriatic and other seas. They also visited many over the world tropical islands and they have found not one ship sunken in Baltic sea. For Poland, we can show you such underwater places that you would never expect to see in polish water! 














We have what to tell or show you! Diving with aqualung is not finishing adventures, travels and impressions. After first time you will understand that it is exactly what you needed and you will understand that diving is a life style later. To be honest we offer you the dreams. What you have heard, watched in tv – now is within your decision. Do not hesitate to contact us. Many who has come for the first lesson stated “ I fill with you as I know you many years”.

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Perfect inventor, systematic teaching and experienced diving instructors grant a possibility to learn diving for everybody who wants today. Kids, older, no mater. We are specialized to train everybody. Maybe you have a question how to start? We say that the most important thing is your wish! Further everything is more simple. You need to find a diving centre and instructor that will teach you all tricks and maybe even today you can get under water.

We are sure you have diving friends. What about you? Join the most spectacular team.

In our diving centre "Bestdivers" qualified instructors will help and advise you how to choose and obtain proper diving inventor for you. When you go to the trip that are organized by our diving centre you can rent inventor. You will also be able to use our inventor while passing PADI courses.

We offer both rec and tec dives and training.
Come as a guest, leave as a friend – you can take it to the bank!


We offer PADI-system scuba diving:

Courses are organized in an ozonized-water pool of a new high-standard swimming pool in Warsaw at Jagiellońska 7 street. At the same place we have our diving center. This is where we meet to conduct underwater training and talk about destinations "to hit next time." In the summertime we also organize courses in the Mazury lake district. However, our key offer is arranging diving trips for all those who wish to explore open-water diving. The basic assumption of a PADI-based diving courses is that diving is for anyone who is in good general health and wants to try it as sports, recreation or pastime. PADI standards allow divers as young as 10. You don't have to be a Green Beret, a Schwarzenegger or a marathon runner.


If you enroll to a diving course be aware that you may end up planning every bit of your weekend or holiday-leave time for diving trips. Recent statistics show that each year diving is becoming a safer sport.. Today diving is less dangerous than skiing, cycling, horse riding or even fishing. Women can also pursue this kind of activity - there are courses where female participants account for 50% of an average course group.





Manager – Rudi Stankiewicz
Mob: +48 601 321 557
E-mail to: bestdivers@bestdivers.pl







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