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Emergency First Response (EFR)


Why take this course?

This course will teach you how to apply first aid and restore breathing and circulation to an unconscious human. Much more than strictly a diving-rescue course, it offers knowledge on how to tackle critical situations in everyday life.


What do you need to enter the course?

There are no requirements as to skills, age and certificates.


What will you do?

The course consists of two main modules - identifying problems and applying first-aid techniques. You will learn the methods of first aid and resuscitation and test them in practice with a resuscitation dummy.


What is the duration of the course?

It depends on the size of theoretical resources but takes not longer than two days (eight hours).


What should you have?

Theoretical resources - provided by the Diving Centre,


What do you get?

The EFR course is obligatory prior to the completion of the Rescue Diver course.


Price: 380.00 PLN, certificate included.



bestdivers@bestdivers.pl, (+48) 698 529 073

rudi.stankiewicz@bestdivers.pl, (+48) 601 32 15 57

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