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Why take this course?

The Discover Scuba Diving course is for all those who would like to acquire experience in pool or pool-like water diving with the help of a diving instructor. This training will teach you the diving basics but most of all will give you an opportunity to test yourself in underwater conditions.

What do you need to try?

Age requirements: ten,
A signed Discover Scuba Diving form.

What will you do?

Completing the Discover Scuba Diving programme you will learn how to breathe underwater through a breathing apparatus. You will discover the freedom and excitement of zero gravity when breathing underwater known only to divers.

What is the duration of the course?

After a brief introduction on the rules of safe diving you will spend you first full hour underwater.

What should you have?

A need for underwater adventure.

What do you get?

On the completion of the Discover Scuba Diving course you will receive an international certificate confirming that you have acquired such skills as are necessary to enter another SCUBA DIVER or OPEN WATER DIVER PADI course. On looking at the certificate the instructor of your next course will know the level of your skills immediately. The certificate will also reduce the time of training when you enter a course to obtain a higher diving license.
Price: 200.00 PLN


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