DIVEMASTER Course - theoretical and practical
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DIVEMASTER – course provides theoretical and practical background

Kurs Dive Master PADI - DIVEMASTER Course

What can a PADI Divemaster do?

  • work at Diving Centres worldwide as an underwater guide,
  • assist the instructor at courses with more basic divers,
  • coordinate groups of divers up from the Scuba Diver level,
  • train and give certificates of PADI Skin Diver,
  • coordinate PADI Discover Snorkeling training (apnea training),
  • conduct PADI Scuba Review exams for certified divers,
  • coordinate groups of certified divers on the Discover Local Diving programme,
  • teach Emergency First Response to those divers who have already obtained their certificate from the Instructor.


What do you need to start the course?

Age requirements: eighteen,
The PADI RESCUE DIVER certificate or any other certificate that makes you liable to enter the course,
A doctor's certificate confirming that you are in an appropriate health condition to do scuba diving
At least twenty logbooked dives

What will you do?

The course provides theoretical and practical background on how to coordinate a group of divers in a swimming pool and in open waters. You will take part in the Open Water Diver course that will teach you how to assist the Instructor during training. You will learn how to help inexperienced divers and how to identify the most common problems of underwater beginners.

Kurs Dive Master PADIKurs Dive Master PADIKurs Dive Master PADIKurs Dive Master PADI

Kurs Dive Master PADIKurs Dive Master PADI


What is the duration of the course?

You attend the course until you acquire the neccessary skills but no longer than 12 months.

What should you have?

Theoretical resources - provided by the Diving Centre,
Diving logbook - you need at least sixty logbooked dives to complete the course,
two photos.

What do you get?

As a certified Divemaster you can enter an Instructor or Instructor's Assistant course.
Price: 1820.00 PLN plus necessary materials to learn
Additionally, an annual PADI contribution of 106,80 euro is required.




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