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Padi Rescue Diver in Poland



Padi Rescue Diver

Why take this course?


On the Rescue Diver course you will improve your knowledge on the issues of diving safety and underwater rescue. You will learn how to plan your diving so that it's safe for you and your partner.


What do you need to try?


Age requirements: fifteen (twelve to obtain the PADI Junior ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER certificate),

the PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER certificate or other,

A certificate of completion of a CPR course within the last twenty four months.



What will you do?


On the Rescue Diver course you will learn how to predict and solve potential problems that might arise when diving. The course covers:


  • fighting stress in underwater emergency and helping a stressed diver,
  • underwater first aid,
  • first-aid equipment,
  • techniques of bringing a hurt diver to the surface of the water,
  • helping a panicking diver,
  • identification of problems when underwater,
  • procedures of seeking a lost diver,
  • first-aid when towing an unconscious diver on the surface of the water,
  • artificial respiration when towing a diver on the surface of the water,
  • getting a hurt diver out of the water,
  • giving first-aid to hurt divers,
  • testing skills during simulations of diving accidents,





What is the duration of the course?


Recommended number of diving hours: twenty five, at least two days in open water.


What should you have?


  • Theoretical resources - provided by the Diving Centre
  • Logbook,
  • Two photos.


What do you get?


As a certified Rescue Diver you can enter your first professional course, the DIVEMASTER.


Price: 920.00 PLN plus certificate 189 PLN



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