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Basic Nitrox Course

Szkolenia nurkowe - Nurek Nitroxowy


Why take this course?

Nitrox offers you new possibilities in recreational diving and is an introduction to technical diving. First of all -You will be able to spend more time underwater using Nitrox. Would you like to spend 20 or 40 minutes on some special, interesting, fascinating diving spot?


What do you need to try?

Age requirements: fifteen.


What will you do?

Theoretical classes included in the Basic Nitrox program will be complemented with two approximately thirty-meters dives on a nitrogen-oxygen mix.


What is the duration of the course?

Two days of theoretical classes and one dive daily.


What should you have?

  • The PADI AOWD or P1 CMAS grade,
  • twenty five logbooked dives,
  • theoretical resources - provided by the Diving Centre),
  • diving logbook for the Instructor to register and confirm your dives,
  • two photos,
  • doctor's certificate confirming that you are in an appropriate health condition to do scuba diving.


Szkolenia nurkowe - Nurek NitroxowySzkolenia nurkowe - Nurek Nitroxowy

Szkolenia nurkowe - Nurek NitroxowySzkolenia nurkowe - Nurek Nitroxowy


What do you get?

The ability to dive on nitrox EAN32 and EAN36. You will also be ready to take the Advanced Nitrox Diver course at any diving school.

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